About Dev Uvach

Dev Uvach is a coined word from two languages, English and . Dev is a abbreviation of developer and “Uvach” means said in Sanskrit. Thus this means “developer said”. You may call it random thoughts shared with you.

Why Dev Uvach ?

Dev Uvach is working to fill the gap between innovation and end market. It is primarily focused on development and technical stuff.

Whatever your skill level is, I think you will find some value by visiting here. I am always open for your opinion,suggestions. I will be also going to add some value channel here to nourish the niche.Just contact.
This blog is about technical stuff and practices, I found interesting and useful in my 10+ years in practice along with the personal stuff I’d like to share. I don’t discuss or show activities related to my professional work. All opinions expressed here are my own and might not necessarily represent the official view of my clients.

Alok Tiwari