How offline retailers can fight online competition

Indian off line retailer Now a days Indian off line retailer are facing stiff on line competition.Their major paying customer base is rapidly shifting towards online stores.People always welcomes fresh ideas. And With a mega success of online stores we had already seen the results.Old school business model is the major problem with Indian offline retailers.Now […]

Why sometimes Innovation don’t work 3

You probably heard horrified stories of innovation failures. In my last career I gone through all the ups and downs of these stories. I am sharing this with rest of the world so they can find why innovation fails. I am used to find build requests to build something similar with Product X. This is […]

Can Business Model Simulation predict unpredictable business models ?

Can Business Model Simulation predict unpredictable business models ? While surfing over web I come across a effort of data science to predict business survival or failure. A interesting project and at least a way to overcome the most common question of start-ups. Lets see what they speak. Some initial thoughts.. Business is never a + […]

Know Surveillance Technology 1

Care for your privacy,Sharing a great video with a talks on surveillance Technology and how it exists in various forms around us today, everything you need to know from CCTV Surveillance, cellphone tracking to remote drones. Worth a watch for those who are interested in privacy. Enjoy.. See How stingray works Cell phone spying using stringray WatchHound […]

Initial reviews on Netra

So finally Indian System had waked up and planning internet surveillance project Netra which will capture & monitor network traffic including VOIP calls like skype, gtalk. Netra is currently under testing by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat, it was designed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) lab.This is nice efforts […]

Post Analysis of Snapchat Hack

So Snapchat is hacked finally.. Even after getting a warning call from security researcher GibSec. They Didn’t do anything. read this Below is a response by their dev. Well If you are a developer I think you must check this video. UPDATE: Youtube  folks had removed this video. Although domain authorities had blocked […]

App review websites to improve your mobile app ROI 2

You may submit your mobile application to these mobile app review websites. This will create mega buzz that can finally improve your mobile app ROI. To reach a wider untouched audience, you should submit your app to websites that review apps. A favorable review on one of these sites can expose your app to a […]

Google sets good example of corporate social responsibility

Uttarakhand is badly affected by flood, literally over thousands peoples are missing and in this crucial time Google the search engine giant sets very good example of corporate social responsibility.They had launched 2013 Uttarakhand flood person finder app to find Uttarakhand flood victims. Find Uttarakhand flood victims using google person finder Indian National Disaster Management Authority has […]

Game mechanics and user engagement in your wordpress blog?

Those who are into gaming knows the power of challenges and rewards.The idea of fusion of two giants world blogging and gaming is simply clicky. What is Game Mechanics Game Mechanics are basically of set of rules and feedback loops to produce enjoyable game play. They are actually the building blocks that can be applied and combined to […]

First work with Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox OS Firefox Os is basically re branded Boot to Gecko project and Firefox’s much awaited operating system for mobile devices.which is designed to allow html 5 apps to run within the devices. Why ? This operating system tries to solve the major issue with the help of web API where developers can think beyond browser limitations.And […]

How they actually hack your wordpress blog ? 1

Let’s says you had launched a WordPress based blog. And literally no idea how some one is trying to hack your WordPress blog. Check out your hits log and see If some one is accessing:-;eval(stripslashes($_REQUEST%5Bcmd%5D));error […]

How to increase ROI of your Mobile App ? 1

Do you know ? Out of 1.4 million mobile apps, 50% applications were never downloaded? Why only 2 to 3% newcomers can stand in list of top 250 mobile app publisher ? Why 63 percent of mobile apps that people use daily are different from last year ? Why Peoples taste changes so rapidly ? How to […]

1 million facebook accounts leaked data sold at 5 USD

Facebook accounts data leakage is all time high. Malicious developers are selling users data and the interesting point is at the cost of 5$ recently some one sold 1 millions Facebook data entries This is a real proof why social networks needs to check their policy. Although Facebook folks are active but the guy from Czech Republic wants Facebook should […]

Why webmasters should use CloudFlare ?

I am always a great fan of project honeypot. It’s really wonderful project that had safeguard my projects in past.Before hosting companies started actually utilizing the concept. Anyway recently message started appearing in Hosting control panels.Some time back honeypot folks started another service cloudflare. Interesting idea is to give Content Delivery Network [CDN] free. That is literally catchy thing, means […]

Good Bye TweetMeme & After effect of Tweetmeme sunset

So finally TweetMeme Folks had decided to retire the top-notch services. I don’t know why best things in world ended so fast. Hey Tweetmeme staff if you are reading this I wish to mention that your tool was really perfect for tracing twitter marketing efforts.A lots of things could be done with that perfect data. but .. […]

How to read company insights before you actually think to join? 1

If you are a job seeker many times you got calls from HR folks with good career options etc. But is there a way to find insights of said companies.Or Trace down your targeted company.Don’t bother some really good tools to trace company insights are already available: The first one is linkedin. But make sure […]

How to use gravatar to promote your twitter profile

Let suppose you have a twitter profile,which you use to communicate with your followers,and uses gravatar image to identify yourself to end world.Now connect these two giant worlds to get better results of your RTE [returns of time and efforts]. I had already written other methods to promote your twitter profile How to use Gravatar […]