Can Business Model Simulation predict unpredictable business models ?

Can Business Model Simulation predict unpredictable business models ? While surfing over web I come across a effort of data science to predict business survival or failure. A interesting project and at least a way to overcome the most common question of start-ups. Lets see what they speak. Some initial thoughts.. Business is never a + b = c Business is… Read more →

What is chrome speech recognition bug ?

Like all exploring people, I like to do experiments. One day I was checking old fundamental of text to speech. You probably heard of dragon speech. That was a classical speech recognition program I used years back. The idea was so click even a entry level guy can type text by simply speaking. Let suppose you don’t know how to… Read more →

Know Surveillance Technology

Care for your privacy,Sharing a great video with a talks on surveillance Technology and how it exists in various forms around us today, everything you need to know from CCTV Surveillance, cellphone tracking to remote drones. Worth a watch for those who are interested in privacy. Enjoy.. See How stingray works Cell phone spying using stringray WatchHound Cell Phone Intercepter Cellebrite UFED Read more →

Initial reviews on Netra

So finally Indian System had waked up and planning internet surveillance project Netra which will capture & monitor network traffic including VOIP calls like skype, gtalk. Netra is currently under testing by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat, it was designed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) lab.This is nice efforts or I should call it… Read more →

screenshot of snapchatdb

Post Analysis of Snapchat Hack

So Snapchat is hacked finally.. Even after getting a warning call from security researcher GibSec. They Didn’t do anything. read this Below is a response by their dev. Well If you are a developer I think you must check this video. UPDATE: Youtube  folks had removed this video. Although domain authorities had blocked the domain .But still the… Read more →

How to fix exgocgkctswo hack?

Few days ago after completing my very long session with a to be entrepreneur “X” over SEO efforts.  We get some good results. We are able to see good ranking in few days. One day the X called me and gives me bad news. The site is hacked. Ah welcome to reality. I already told him to take care of… Read more →

App review websites to improve your mobile app ROI

You may submit your mobile application to these mobile app review websites. This will create mega buzz that can finally improve your mobile app ROI. To reach a wider untouched audience, you should submit your app to websites that review apps. A favorable review on one of these sites can expose your app to a whole new audience and help… Read more →