How offline retailers can fight on line competition   Recently updated !

Now a days Indian off line retailer are facing stiff on line competition. People always welcomes fresh ideas. And we had seen results. Now off line stores can look to the Internet for inspiration to improve the in-store experience.  This can be a era of getting local with proximity marketing.While Internet have its own advantage like on line cookies, pixels and social logins track the shopper across the web, offering insights that e commerce sites in turn rely on to advertise and merchandise effectively. A slew of new proximity platforms offer comparable tools for brick-and-mortar retailers. This is how off line retailer can compete with on line retailers.Please check this video

Beacon ?

Beacons are a low-cost piece of hardware — small enough to attach to a wall or counter top — that use battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smart phone or tablet. They are poised to transform how retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and educational institutions communicate with people indoors.

Beacons are simply another way of messaging a shopper. What’s unique about them is that there’s very high precision in terms of location. When you’re buying mobile display, at best you can get accuracy within 300 feet. With beacons, we can get aisle-level accuracy, so you know that the person is right in front of relevant products.

Impulse buying

one of the biggest opportunities with beacons is to drive impulse behavior for a consumer, and what better place to drive impulse behavior than in a physical store selling products. Think of it as a push notification or full-screen takeover. You’re in store and you get a ping, you open up your phone and there’s a full-screen advertisement. You can see why a brand would pay big money for that. You’re in their pocket and you’re in their mind.

Although aspects of proximity marketing—targeted marketing with a geographic radius of roughly 100 meters—have been in place for nearly a decade, the field is still new enough to make it extremely difficult to forecast. Its uptake depends on two overarching factors: retailer interest and consumer acceptance.

Proximity represents the final connection between companies and consumers. With Blue Tooth-enabled devices and a consumer who has expressed a willingness to receive ads (“opted-in”),Indian leading retailers and brands can utilize proximity marketing to close the last gap between the customer and the register.

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