Initial reviews on Netra

So finally Indian System had waked up and planning internet surveillance project Netra which will capture & monitor network traffic including VOIP calls like skype, gtalk. Netra is currently under testing by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat, it was designed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) lab.This is nice efforts or I should call it a “propaganda”.

Why this is clearly a propaganda ?

There is no need to tell what you are doing for security. Security is security until some one knows about it. The formula is very clear the more people knows about your security model, the less effective your intelligence strategy is.So declaring such effort is non-sense idea.People will never like surveillance.Although internet monitoring is common practice in big brothers league.


Tiny allocation of storage space.Really ?? Useless garbadge


How you come to such conclusion that text filtering is the best way to trap the guys ? Qualified guys knows this very well they never put such idiotic messages on public platforms.  All you are trying to capture kids. who frequently uses such languages.The result will be tons of garbage. If you really wants to trap the things hire some qualified professionals (Beyond your hiring gimmicks, You already knows what I want to say.. ). Who knows beyond TCP/ IP or common engineering taught in Indian engineering colleges. Dealing with Internet security without knowing it properly can creates tons of hazards that you guys never thought of. Let suppose you use such system to track such suspicious activities. What if some qualified then you, enters in your own system and use the same tool to monitor those innocents / culprits .

Please don’t gives excuses. The internet biggest players had faced this.  Just thought what’s your strategy in that case ? Do you recalled BARC ( who is known for most respected and qualified engineers ). Despite of tons of security BARC was also hacked . Check out recent hack event targeting of ISRO,BARC and ECIL on aug 28,2013 

What’s the problem ?

Baseboard management controllers (BMC’s) present in most servers are vulnerable to a half dozen critical vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to gain remote control over the host machine.
The vulnerabilities are in the Intelligent Platform Management Interface protocol that defines how BMC’s communicate locally and across networks. The issues range from the ability to bypass authentication mechanisms, steal password hashes that can be brute-forced offline, to UPnP-based vulnerabilities that cannot be disabled and could lead to remote root compromises. And almost all modern companies and governments use IPMI for system management.

security holes in server management system

security holes in server management system

Don’t worry read this

I hope the trends chart will give you a clear understanding where you need to focus your efforts.
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